In Writing pulls together my diverse professional and academic experience, and my love for making words work. Communicating ideas, information and key messages to different audiences has always been central to my work, and I thrive on the challenge of doing this well.

I graduated in English from the University of Oxford wanting to learn more about writing from different contexts. This led to an MA in Comparative Literature at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London. I spent a further four years at SOAS, researching modern South Asian literature and teaching MA and undergraduate students, which enhanced my flair for engaging with and communicating complex ideas and arguments, as well as analysing language through different cultural perspectives.

From the more painstaking world of academia, my writing and research leapt into the fast-paced world of politics when I went to work at the House of Commons as Researcher for Dr Ian Gibson MP. One of my main responsibilities was to research and write his speeches and articles. These were mostly on science, education and health policy, but also many other issues thrown up by daily politics, ranging from biotechnology and cancer care to brownfield development. This sharpened my ability to carry out thorough and accurate research on almost any topic, organise material and prepare a speech, article or report, often to very tight deadlines. The challenge and rewards lay in finding the right language to interest a broad spectrum of audiences, from local pressure groups to high-level policy makers. Our parliamentary and media campaign against university top-up fees attracted widespread parliamentary and public support, while also ruffling a few front-bench feathers.

After moving to Cambridge in 2005, I spent 7 years working in the charity sector, promoting causes as diverse as the study of ancient India and Iran, disability arts and dementia research. Most recently, as Media and Public Affairs Officer for Alzheimer’s Research UK, I wrote and coordinated the research for a stakeholder report, which makes a convincing case for more government investment in dementia research. This was launched in the House of Commons and was welcomed by the government and other research funders. It has had a clear influence on government policy, including the Dementia Challenge launched in 2012 and G8 summit on dementia in 2013, presided over by the UK. I also wrote and edited web copy and an e-newsletter for stakeholders, as well as contributing to relevant policy forums.

In addition, I have written fundraising and business copy for the inspired ALUNA project, and have published articles, book reviews and poems in:

pH7, The Parliamentary Health Magazine
South Asian Cinema
SOAS Bulletin
South Asia Research
SOAS Literary Review (of which I was a founding editor)
Oxford Poetry and In Love (Leaf Publications)

I was trained to proofread and copy-edit at a professional level when, while studying at SOAS, I was Assistant Editor at Hurst, a publisher of books on global affairs. Here, I also learned to work constructively with writers, designers and printers. I have continued to develop this expertise on a freelance basis, working with a variety of clients, including many PhD students. In particular, I have worked with several people who do not have English as a first language.

This rich variety of experience has nurtured my versatility and my aptitude for getting to the heart of almost any matter – qualities that are ideally suited to freelance and project-based work. I am always excited by the opportunity to adapt my skills to meet clients’ specific needs.

You can see what services I offer, view examples of my work and read what people have said about it. If you would like to discuss what I can do for you, please contact me.

Munizha Ahmad-Cooke

Photo by Oli English