The Aluna Foundation Business Plan for Application to the Charity Commission

Date: 2008

Brief: copywriting and copy-editing

Job description: The ALUNA Foundation wanted to apply for charitable status and asked me to put together a business plan for their application to the Charity Commission. This involved selecting and reorganising relevant sections of several existing ALUNA communications, as well as writing copy to draw everything together and fill in the gaps. Including the right amount of detail, organising the flow of content and employing the correct tone of voice were all vital to the success of the application.

Munizha Ahmad-Cooke’s writing skills were invaluable to The Aluna Foundation’s successful application to the Charity Commission for charitable status. Munizha diligently responded to a complex brief, showed great commitment to understanding her clients and subjects, and brought together a multitude of existing and new materials and messages into a language and cohesive, well ordered format that satisfied specific legal, charitable and business requirements.

The Aluna Foundation wholeheartedly recommends Munizha to any individual or organisation looking for a professional, personable, reliable and highly skilled writer. Munizha has consistently shown these qualities over a number of years working with us. In the various pieces she has delivered, she has been able to capture the concept and key messages in beautifully penned, engaging and ‘to the point’ copy, appropriate for each specific audience.

Laura Williams, Artist and Project Director, ALUNA

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