Article and speech writing

Date: 2002–05

Brief: research and copywriting

Job description: As Researcher for Dr Ian Gibson MP (Norwich North 1997–2009), I researched and wrote speeches and articles on a broad range of topics for a variety of general and specialist audiences. Ian was a leading opponent of university top-up fees in 2003–04, during which time I wrote many articles and speeches for him on the issue. Our campaign attracted sustained media attention, so the demand for articles was high and deadlines were tight. This called for fast thinking and creativity – we had to be consistent in our key messages, but each piece had to be tailored to a specific audience and framed slightly differently, so that it sounded fresh each time. Here are a few examples:

The Guardian

Times Higher Education

Evening Standard

Munizha is amazingly intelligent, loyal and honest. She wrote many articles and speeches for me and was my mainstay in opposing top-up fees.

Dr Ian Gibson, MP for Norwich North (1997-2009)