Jeremy Tankard Typography

Date: 2013

Brief: copywriting and copy-editing

Job description: Jeremy Tankard Typography was producing a promotional leaflet to be mailed out to 7,000 UK/US design companies with Creative Review magazine. The client wanted the text to be concise but detailed, without encroaching on the design elements showcased by the leaflet. I revised the draft text to match the precision and flair of the work it was promoting.

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Dixon International Group Newsletter

Date: 2013

Brief: copywriting

Job description: As part of its 50th anniversary and a strategic review, Dixon International Group wanted to improve its in-house communications by introducing a printed staff newsletter. Once we had agreed the contents, I collected all the relevant information and some draft copy, then wrote and edited the newsletter. It was distributed at the company’s 50th anniversary celebrations.

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Alzheimer’s Research UK Language Guidelines

Date: 2012

Brief: copywriting

Job description: Alzheimer’s Research UK needed a style guide to ensure consistency and brand reinforcement across all their public-facing communications. I compiled this after researching style guides from other organisations and reviewing the existing communications produced by Alzheimer’s Research UK. The charity communicates with a range of audiences, including fundraisers, grant-giving bodies, scientists, the media and government, so it was important to produce a guide that would be recognised as an essential, easy-to-use reference across departments.

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Barnardo’s Big Tea Party

Date: 2012

Brief: copywriting

Job description: Job description: Barnardo’s were launching the Big Tea Party, a new fundraising event for playgroups and nurseries. I was asked to write inspiring, warm and friendly copy for the Big Tea Party website and fundraising pack. The target audience were ‘rushed off their feet’ nursery and playgroup coordinators, a group who normally struggle to engage in existing fundraising propositions. As well as writing the copy, I contributed some ideas for Big Tea Party activities. Since it was launched in the autumn of 2012, the campaign has had a very good response rate.

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‘Defeating Dementia: building capacity to capitalise on the UK’s research strengths’

Date: 2012

Brief: research, copywriting, overseeing design and publication, proofreading

Job description: Alzheimer’s Research UK wanted to make a case for more investment in dementia research by the government and other funders. The charity had obtained some initial data about the UK’s dementia research capacity. I developed the project by commissioning Evidence, a business of Thomson Reuters, to supply more data, and also by conducting my own research among dementia scientists working in the UK. I then analysed and presented the results, including 120 questionnaire responses, in this 40-page stakeholder report.

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Alzheimer’s Research UK stakeholder e-newsletter.

Date: 2011–12

Brief: copywriting and research

Job description: As part of its relaunch in 2011, Alzheimer’s Research UK began to issue an e-newsletter for stakeholders, including politicians, research funders and those with a commercial interest in dementia research. I researched and wrote the copy for this.

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Date: 2011

Brief: copy-editing and proofreading

Job description: The Alzheimer’s Research Trust was rebranding as Alzheimer’s Research UK, which included the launch of a new website. I copy-edited and proofread the web copy in accordance with the new brand guidelines.

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The Aluna Foundation Business Plan for Application to the Charity Commission

Date: 2008

Brief: copywriting and copy-editing

Job description: The ALUNA Foundation wanted to apply for charitable status and asked me to put together a business plan for their application to the Charity Commission.

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A Discourse on Domination in Mandate Palestine: imperialism, property and insurgency
Zeina B. Ghandour

Date: 2006, 2008

Brief: proofreading, light copy-editing and formatting in accordance with publisher’s house style

Job Description: I first proofread this when it was being submitted as a PhD thesis at the London School of Economics (LSE). Two years later, when it was being published as a book by Routledge, Zeina asked me to convert the manuscript into the publisher’s house style.

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Date: 2005–10

Brief: editing and copywriting

Job description: While working at the Ancient India & Iran Trust, I edited, wrote and typeset its newsletter.

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The Silent Minaret
Ishtiyaq Shukri

Date: 2004

Brief: critique and feedback

Job description: I read through several drafts of this novel, suggesting changes, edits and aspects for further development.

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Date: 2002–05

Brief: copywriting and research

Job description: pH7 was a quarterly health magazine primarily for parliamentarians, published by Parliamentary Communications, now Dods. I regularly contributed feature articles on national and international health issues.

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Article and speech writing

Date: 2002–05

Brief: research and copywriting

Job description: As Researcher for Dr Ian Gibson MP (Norwich North 1997–2009), I researched and wrote speeches and articles on a broad range of topics for a variety of general and specialist audiences. Ian was a leading opponent of university top-up fees in 2003–04, during which time I wrote many articles and speeches for him on the issue.

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South Asian Cinema

Date: 2001

Brief: copywriting

Job description: I was invited by the editor of this new journal, published by the South Asian Cinema Foundation, to write a piece about its London launch.

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Iceland’s 1100 Years: the history of a marginal society Gunnar Karlsson

Date: 2000

Brief: copy-editing

Job description: This is one of several books I copy-edited while working at Hurst & Co.

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PhD theses

Date: since 1999

Brief: copy-editing and proofreading

Job description: I have copy-edited and proofread several PhD theses for students at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London School of Economics (LSE) and Central St Martins. Subjects have included Arabic and African literature, law, economics, education and Islamic art. For some of these students, English has not been their first language. Most of this work has come to me through word of mouth recommendations.

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White Mutiny: British military culture in India, 1825-1875 Peter Stanley

Date: 1998

Brief: proofreading

Job description: his is one of several books I proofread while working at Hurst & Co.

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Pakistan: a modern history
Ian Talbot

Date: 1998

Brief: copy-editing, proofreading

Job description: This is one of several books I copy-edited while working at Hurst & Co.

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